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Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware has a rich history dating back to just after the war in 1945. The founders were the Shifren brothers who opened Shifrens Brothers General Dealer in 1946 at Mulder Street Bethlehem. The Shifren brothers were general merchants who sold non-perishable goods.

In March 1978, Henk de Boer took over Solomons from Sam Stralitze and Gerard de Boer, the youngest son of Henk, joined Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware in January 1997.

In March 2001, Solomons was approached to join the Mica Hardware Group and on 12 July, 2001 was the official opening of Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware and thus Solomons now has the backing of a national group, but still retains its own identity.

A spacious car park was then laid out and in October 2006, the doors of the new premises were then opened on Malan Street with a completely new garden section. Polka Dot Coffee Eatery Deli opened its doors in 2008, Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware’s own restaurant with delicious coffee and light meals.

The vision for the future is to become a complete one-stop shop for hardware, paint, art & crafts, camping, garden, sports, stationery, and home lifestyle products.

Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware offers gas filling and exchanges, as well as the sale of gas bottles.  Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware does deliveries in town as well as to surrounding areas subject to a delivery fee.

The store consists of the following departments: Hardware, Power Tools, Plumbing, Build, Wood, Paint, Art & Crafts, Stationery, Home, Garden, Outdoor, Sport and Shoes… and of course, the Polka Dot coffee shop.

Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware offers the following services: art & craft classes for kids, painting classes for adults and key cutting.

At Solomons Mica Paint & Hardware, we offer Flexibuild Finance and customers are also able to pay with Samba and RCS. We also accept Lay-bys.


At Solomons Mica we are always ready to bring you great deals and superb prices! View our latest promotions to find our deals on DIY products, hardware, pool, building, paint and so much more!

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At Solomons Mica, our top priority is supplying our customers with DIY supplies, building material and paint products that don’t cost the earth. If you have any questions for us, click here to contact us.